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Aleksandra Gaca Collection

The Aleksandra Gaca Collection introduces the work of this iconic designer to the American contract market. Her premier corporate upholstery collection features three patterns of dimensional geometrics with quilted, pillowy surfaces, created to playfully cocoon the hard lines of office furniture with an invitingly springy surface. The fourth pattern is a coordinating texture that emphasizes the colorful, rhythmic nuances flowing through the fabrics.

4 patterns, 46 colors

Best of NeoCon 2021 Winner Interior Design HiP Winner Metropolis Likes Winner



Bloko Bloko
The boldest graphic statement in the collection, Bloko is a new iteration of Gaca’s classic handwoven design.
9 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Ronda Ronda
Ronda’s matelassé construction creates plump, cushioned pockets in a modern honeycomb design.
13 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Rombu Rombu
Elevated diamond shapes create a rippling effect across the surface of Gaca’s pattern Rombu.
8 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Mikro Mikro
This beautiful texture is an exact replica of a sample Gaca created on her handloom.
16 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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