LoomSource History
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1997 - From inception, the LoomSource brand had a purpose to address the top priorities of the hospitality guestroom environment with a broad selection of contract performance fabrics. Unique to LoomSource were three attributes; fabrics with a warm residential feel, large quantity deliveries and price points targeted for the hospitality project.

1997-2004 - LoomSource designs were stylized upholsteries for guestroom seating. Foundational collections were designed with segments of the hospitality marketplace in mind. These introductory collections incorporated an inviting, residential feel with trends of the day. The early collection themes offered designs for hospitality locations from mountain escapes to tropical beach resorts.

2005 - Lydia Morgan joined LoomSource as a dedicated hospitality designer. Designing specifically for the hospitality market, patterns and textures with beautiful color and hand emerged. She incorporated bouclé, chenille and other specialty yarns and constructions all with a hospitality sensitive price point.

With a dedicated hospitality designer, LoomSource expanded into specialized products to enhance hospitality environments. Indoor-outdoor, drapery and sustainable fabrics all became an integral part of the brand. With Lydia’s creative vision LoomSource was firmly positioned as a leader for hospitality textiles.

2012-2016 - LoomSource broadened the product offering by collaborating with design industry innovators.

Partnering with illustrator Gina Triplett produced The Impromptu Collection; textiles with an edgy youthful aesthetic.

The Hable Construction partnership with sisters Susan Hable Smith and Katharine Hable Sweeney added bold, artful designs to the LoomSource offering. Collaborating with Hable Construction created 2 vibrant LoomSource collections for indoor and outdoor application: Port & Cape and Colorscape.

2016 - LoomSource collaborated with New York City non-profit organization Alpha Workshops. Their award-winning designs resulted in 7 patterns inspired by the creative expression of the Alpha Workshops artists.

The Alpha Collection of Bella-Dura indoor-outdoor fabrics features bold vibrant hues paired with earthy neutrals suited for contemporary hospitality spaces.

Today the LoomSource brand includes a total of 258 upholstery and vertical textiles. Custom designs by LoomSource offer an expanded choice when standard product has been exhausted. LoomSource custom design service has been solicited by some of the largest hotel chains across the U.S. and internationally. LoomSource has an upholstery or drapery for every hospitality interior.