Sina Pearson Design
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Sina Pearson

Sina Pearson is a visionary textile designer and entrepreneur who, for more than four decades, set industry standards for sophistication and technical innovation. Sina is celebrated for her exuberant color palette, complex textures and lively, accessible patterns that gracefully complement one another. One of the first to infuse a jolt of high style into the contract realm in the 1980s, she has added her savvy stamp as well to institutional, hospitality, healthcare, public spaces and residential settings.

Sina Pearson’s textiles have a point of view. Each collection tells a story, and her inspirations are far flung. Modern American architecture. Traditional Scandinavian colors and textiles. Cut paper collages and Christo. Marathons, Italian style and the colors of Mexico.

Sina graduated from the University of Washington with a double major in art and Swedish language/literature. She earned her MFA in Fiber at Cranbrook in 1972. After working at SOM/Chicago Interiors as a color materials specialist, she studied at the Royal Academy of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 1973-74, and then returned to New York to lead the textile divisions of a series of A-list firms: Jens Risom, Ward Bennett/Brickel Associates and Unika Vaev. As President and Director of Design at Unika Vaev she singularly created more than 100 fabrics and built one of the most successful textile companies of the 1980s. In 1985 she co-founded ACT, the Association for Contract Textiles; it remains the guidepost for industry standards and promoting awareness of contract textiles. She served as its President 1989-1990. In 1990 she founded her own company, Sina Pearson Textiles, which designed, manufactured and distributed exclusive upholstery textiles for contract, healthcare, institutional, hospitality and residential use. In 2016 Momentum Group acquired Sina Pearson Textiles; Sina continues to design for her brand luxurious award-winning textiles and collections that perform beautifully.